Law Firm Drakšas, Mekionis and Partners

Andrej Rudanov

Head of Life Sciences
Practice Group

+370 686 80049


2017 Master of Business Administration, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

2017 Master of Business Administration, Moscow’s Lomonosov State University (Russia)

2003 Master of Law, Vilnius University (Lithuania)


Lithuanian, English, Russian

Professional activities

17 years of experience in law in the field of healthcare and life sciences

As of 2016 – Head of Life Sciences Practice Group at law firm Drakšas, Mekionis, Smirnov and Partners

2007–2016 senior associate at law firm TGS Baltic (formerly TARK, GRUNTE, SUTKIENE and Sutkienė, Pilkauskas and Partners)

2007 Head of Drugs Safety and Information Department, State Medicine Control Agency

2006–2007 deputy director at Pharmaceutical Products Distribution Inspectorate, State Medicine Control Agency

2006 head of Licensing Department at State Medicine Control Agency

2003–2006 lawyer (senior specialist) at Pharmaceuticals Department under the Ministry of Health

2000–2003 assistant to member of parliament in the Healthcare Committee of Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania

Academical activities

2016–2017 assistant at Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine. Subject – pharmaceutical law

2004–2008 lecturer, assistant at Pharmacy Department of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Subjects – pharmaceutical law, GMP, GDP, GPP

Areas of expertise

Healthcare and life sciences covers:

 By business industries: healthcare and medical services (family medicine, odontology, orthopedics and traumatology, plastic surgery, diabetes, oncology and other services), pharmaceutical areas(medicinal products, advanced therapy medicinal products, homeopathy, medical devices), food areas including agriculture (seed and grain, meat products, milk and other products, mineral water and soft drinks, food supplements and other), cosmetics and health promotion (functional cosmetics, aromatherapy, SPA and other)

  By content and scope of legal services: legislative process, product introduction to market, product registration and notification services, obtaining licenses and permits, clinical trials, data protection, e-health and national health registers, commercial secrets, patient contracts, legal advice on marketing, commercials and product promotion, risk control, good manufacturing practice, good distribution practice, good pharmaceutical practice, description and protocols of healthcare procedures


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