Law Firm Drakšas, Mekionis and Partners
Law Firm Drakšas, Mekionis and Partners
Civil, criminal and administrative proceedings
  • Client’s defence during preliminary investigation and in court, representation of civil claimants in criminal cases
  • Representation of clients’ interests in civil disputes (family, obligations, insurance, real estate and construction, copyright, tax, bankruptcy and other areas of civil law)
  • Defence of client’s interests in administrative disputes and administrative offences
Family and inheritance law
  • Preparation of pre-marital and marital agreements
  • Preparation of divorce documents
  • Preparation of agreements on consequences of divorce
  • Consultations regarding inheritance issues
  • Management of inheritance documents
  • Disputing wills
Real estate and construction law
  • Consultations on and preparation of real estate sale-purchase agreements
  • Negotiation with real-estate sellers (or buyers) regarding the sale-purchase conditions
  • Preparation of agreements on construction and installation works
  • Representation in negotiations with contractors (developers)
  • Representation in the Centre of Registers
Company law
  • Incorporation of companies
  • Consultation and preparation of legal documents (agreements, contracts, and advice)
  • Review of documentation which was provided to our client by third parties or prepared by the company
Insurance law
  • Consultations on matters regarding insurance law
  • Representation in relations with the insurers, initiating and solving disputes with them
Competition law
  • Disputing resolutions and decisions of the Competition council
  • Providing answers and giving explanations to the Competition council
Public procurement
  • Preparation of public procurement documents
  • Disputing conditions or results of public procurements
Dispute resolution and arbitration
  • Mediation in dispute resolution
  • Concillation of the parties
Labor law
  • Advice on labor law issues